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CAT within the CAT

May 14, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

CAT calls for a methodical approach and clear understanding of its structure. There are three aspects or stages to cracking the CAT. Each stage is as critical as the other and the second and third […]

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Why should you do an MBA?

May 13, 2016 MBA Pundit 1

This is an invariable question in any MBA entrance-interview. Getting this answer pat right is critically important because it shows how clear you are about your expectations from the course. It is imperative that you […]

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Placements: Brand v/s Job Profile

May 12, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

As winter approaches, management campuses around the country waken to chill mornings and long debates. Over steaming cups of tea and coffee students weigh the most crucial question in their minds: “What sort of job […]

Career Tips

Why Should a CA do an MBA?

May 10, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Those who have seen Spider Man, I am sure, would understand what this statement means. As a natural corollary, wouldn’t it be right to also say that with great […]