MBA Notes

Stages of Negotiation – Project Management

September 29, 2017 MBA Pundit 0

Negotiation generally progresses through Five Stages. PROTOCOL – During this stage, both parties meeting in the Negotiation setting. If two teams of negotiating, members of each team are introduced. INQUIRING – At this stage, both parties […]

MBA Notes

Time-based Management

September 17, 2015 MBA Pundit 0

Time-based Management is an aspect of Lean Production. It is a general approach that recognises the importance of time and seeks to reduce the level of unproductive time in an organisation. Benefits include: Quicker response […]


Public sector marketing – Indian Perspective

December 11, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

In plain and simple terms, marketing activities and strategies result in making products available that satisfy customers, while making profits for the companies that offer those products. Marketing is a creative, ever-changing orchestration of all […]

Business Communication

How to Correct Patient Screw Ups

December 3, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

It’s very common for glitches and setbacks to happen in any dental clinic. It is close to impossible to not encounter dissatisfied patients. Although you might have to deal with disgruntled patients every now and […]