What’s the Best Business Insurance?

November 26, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

So, you’ve just started a business and it’s becoming profitable. What next? Well, if you don’t have business insurance already, it’s time to get it! As your business grows, it’s absolutely crucial to find the […]

MBA Perspectives

When should you apply for an MBA?

November 26, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

Most MBA programs have three application deadlines, Oct-Nov, Jan-Feb and April-May. (Do note that most colleges are now doing away with the third round!). The applicants in each set of deadlines are evaluated in that […]

Interview Tips

The MBA Interview

November 25, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

Interviews offer the best chance for schools to learn a lot more about the applicants. Nevertheless, the interviewing policy varies widely among schools.   Some schools interview only those candidates who have passed the initial […]


Receiving Payment Online

November 23, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

You have many options for receiving payment online – one of the most famous of course is Paypal which also offers businesses credit card facilities as well as payment via email. Note that Paypal like […]


Choosing a Name for your Business

November 23, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

If you are choosing a business name there are a few things to check out first and a few things to consider. In considering your business name you need to think about the following factors: […]