Certifications: A way to build one’s profile

September 16, 2012 MBA Pundit 2

In today’s competitive field of management, everyone is looking for opportunities to differentiate his/her profile from others, and certifications provide them avenues to do so. Certifications exist in different domains, with different coverage, different specializations, […]

MBA Perspectives

Women and Entrepreneurship: Success Stories

March 1, 2004 MBA Pundit 0

Despite their differences, they share one significant commonality… they are both entrepreneurs. Their advice and introspection is shared to inspire and encourage women to consider all options. Patience Allen and Kavita Gunda: Embracing the Possibilities […]

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10 Fashion Accessories for the MBA Student

February 1, 2004 MBA Pundit 0

In the businessworld, your corporate attire is dependent upon the company’s culture. Working in media, music, fashion, or advertising lends to daring trends and bolder statements. The financial and consulting worlds frown upon too much […]