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  • Blockchain Tech and IoT

    Blockchain Tech and IoT

    IOTA is an example of the future of IoT and blockchain. Surely, there will be more programs just like IOTA. Our lives will be machine-based, with these machines becoming smarter and more frequent.

  • MBA Preparation: Services Sector

    MBA Preparation: Services Sector

    Post independence, the inclination of Indian leaders towards Fabian Socialism*, central planning and unbelievable quantity of bureaucratic red tape proved to be disastrous. It resulted in the creation of the license raj, responsible for the strangulation of the private sector and was responsible for the spread of rampant corruption and massive inefficiency. The whole economy…

  • Vocabulary Enrichment: foreign words and phrases that trip us up

    Those of you who have already gotten the nod from your schools (congrats!) have probably begun to mentally and physically prepare yourself for this new and exciting endeavor. Whether you are planning the details of job-quitting, or are thinking of trading your sweet ride for a not-so-sweet one, or have started to subscribe to BW…

  • Common words/word combinations when applying to foreign universities (here – USA)

    Common words/word combinations when applying to foreign universities (here – USA)

    Academic adviser: Member of the faculty who helps and advises students on academic matters. He or she may also assist students during the registration process. Academic year: The period of formal academic instruction, usually extending from September to May. Depending on the institution, it may be divided into terms of varying lengths: semesters, trimesters, or…

  • Important General Knowledge Facts For MBA Entrances

    Important General Knowledge Facts For MBA Entrances

    Heads of some of the world’s most important organizations 1. Christine Lagarde is the head of International Monetary Fund 2. Robert Zoellick is the head of World Bank 3. Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary-General United Nations 4. Ben S. Bernanke is the current chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank (…