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Market Research – Best Practices

July 26, 2021 MBA Pundit 0

Market research enables organizations to analyze supply and demand for a given market to implement a business strategy or marketing action plan. Market studies are widely used when evaluating the viability of a project and […]

market segmentation

Market Segmentation – Strategies for Business

July 21, 2021 MBA Pundit 0

Improving competitiveness and achieving business goals are constant pursuits regardless of the size or sector of the business. For this, it is essential to develop a correct market segmentation. To achieve their goals, organizations need […]

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Organizational Management

Reasons for Call Center Outsourcing

May 30, 2021 MBA Pundit 0

You need to answer customers, follow up with sales calls, and answer feedback. All of these are possible with a contact center that handles your business exclusively. However, many business owners nowadays are finding it […]