Business Communication

Marketing your business using Social Media

June 28, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

What are the benefits of utilizing social media to market your business? How it can benefit you? Social media marketing gets more and more popular these days because of its advent. It becomes an essential […]

Business Communication

Role of Social Media in your Business

June 27, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

The way in which social media has changed our thinking and living standards today is really terrific. You must accept the great role which social media plays in every field of our life and that […]

Business Communication

How to Correct Patient Screw Ups

December 3, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

It’s very common for glitches and setbacks to happen in any dental clinic. It is close to impossible to not encounter dissatisfied patients. Although you might have to deal with disgruntled patients every now and […]