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  • Great Things about Being a Temp

    Great Things about Being a Temp

    A temp job is often seen as a thankless job with an end that is always in sight. Some people think that being on a temporary job means you don’t have specific skills that could impress other companies so you’re stuck in a temporary job. The pay is also lower so naturally people are expecting […]

  • Do Extra-Curriculars help to get approved at a B-School?

    There isn’t necessarily one “ideal” for all programs and all institutions. This will vary. It is to someone’s advantage to be involved in professional organizations or other extracurricular activities, particularly when a leadership role has been held. Internship and full-time experience is important to many business programs. Some programs require full-time work experience, while others, […]

  • My GMAT Experience – A Guest Post

    It was about a year ago that I came to Barcelona. I was on my “campaign” looking for an appropriate job in Spain, and it was then that I decided to start preparing for the studies which I planned to undertake in a couple of years’ time. My brother had just entered the INSEAD MBA, […]