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  • 10 key mistakes that MBA applicants make in the admissions process

    10 key mistakes that MBA applicants make in the admissions process

    Each year  MBA Admissions offices commit substantial resources to scheduling, preparing, and providing feedback to denied applicants who plan to reapply. There are 10 key mistakes that applicants make in the admissions process that we would like to share with others (presented in no particular order) – Assuming that being qualified is enough. Failing to […]

  • Be a STAR

    Be a STAR

    Naturally, for many of us, filling up complicated forms is a big challenge. Some questions in these forms may include: “Describe a tough scenario that you faced at work and how you handled it,” “Narrate an incident where you made a grave mistake at your job,” or “Write about how you demonstrated your abilities to […]

  • Do Extra-Curriculars help to get approved at a B-School?

    There isn’t necessarily one “ideal” for all programs and all institutions. This will vary. It is to someone’s advantage to be involved in professional organizations or other extracurricular activities, particularly when a leadership role has been held. Internship and full-time experience is important to many business programs. Some programs require full-time work experience, while others, […]

  • What Do B-Schools look for in an Applicant?

    Business schools, particularly for the MBA, often look for three to four years of full-time work experience. Sometimes, they will also consider internship or co-op experience as long as it’s relevant to business. They often look for leadership potential, so it’s important to put leadership positions you have held on your application or resume. A […]

  • What is Leadership? – Mystery resolved (Partly)

    I first came across this word called ‘Leadership’ when I was in class five. My class teacher remarked in a parent teacher meeting that I lacked leadership skills. Starting that day I was in search of the meaning of the word called leadership and guess what my search still goes on… Having said that, I […]