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  • What an MBA Can Do For You

    Everyone is suffering from the poor economy these days, but no one feels the blow more than college graduates. These usually bright eyed and bushy-tailed young people see the future as an endless opportunity, until they look for a job or submit a resume. You do not have to wonder what you will be doing […]

  • What is an MBA?

    The Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate that is internationally recognized as a business management qualification. But it is more than an academic degree. A good MBA is preparation for business management involving a combination of practical training and theoretical learning. What managers, executives and other types of business professionals are being prepared for […]

  • MBA vs PGDM: Difference between PGDM degree and MBA degree

    MBA vs PGDM: Difference between PGDM degree and MBA degree

    This question has been raised so many times in so many different forums and question answer services that I feel obliged to write about this one. The question asked is very simpleā€¦.. Which one is better? An MBA degree or a PGDM Degree? Should I go for an MBA or for a PGDM? Which one […]

  • Last Minute CAT Preparation Guide

    M.B.A – Master of Business Administration, a degree many of you have been hearing ever since you learnt about taking jobs, especially during your high school days. Apart from becoming a doctor, or an engineer, this is one degree that will never get out of fashion, and is one of the most coveted one’s. Nowadays, […]