What is the Value of an MBA?

July 15, 2014 MBA Pundit 0

As I was discussing a few managerial topics with my colleagues, I was asked about the value of MBA. It is indeed a fascinating question.  MBA is best approached as a framework degree, allowing us […]

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MBA Perspectives

What an MBA Can Do For You

December 11, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

Everyone is suffering from the poor economy these days, but no one feels the blow more than college graduates. These usually bright eyed and bushy-tailed young people see the future as an endless opportunity, until […]

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MBA Perspectives

MBA… (A newbie Perspective)

December 4, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

Remember the famous Lines of Three Idiots… “Mera Beta Engineer Banega!!!… “. A superb film I must Admit… the reason why I say this is I some how correlate myself to many such instances in […]

MBA Perspectives

Advantages of a Full-Time / Executive MBA Program

December 1, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

All MBA Programs offered today at business schools all over the globe are conveniently divided into Full-time, Part-time, Distance-Learning and Executive Education. Today Full-time and Executive MBA Programs appear the most popular among students and […]