Applying for the MBA – Goals and Focus

While much of the MBA application asks you to relate past experiences and what you have learned from those experiences, an important part of what the admissions committee are interested in also includes your goals and focus going forward. I thought it might be useful to explain the rationale for them to look at your ‘plan’.

Leaders typically have a vision for where they are going, so from that standpoint it clearly makes sense for the admissions committee to learn that plan, and how you believe a 2 year business school experience, is an effective next step in order for you to continue along your path.

A second issue also comes to play when understanding your plan. Most business schools are large, and along with size comes many resources in many different areas (200 electives, about 100 active student clubs etc.) and without an effective plan it is possible that you won’t make the most of the two year experience at business school. The plan essentially provides you the discipline to remain focused and make the most of your business school experience and not continually get ‘side-tracked’ by the many varied opportunities that will continually be provided.

There is no doubt that during business school, some plans will change (a consequence of being exposed to things that were not even considered when preparing for business school for sure) but if someone has committed much time and energy to a plan, then any switch will only occur in a very deliberate fashion, and not each time something new and exciting occurs on campus.

It also makes sense to continue to develop your plan such that it is something you work on over the summer before entering business school and continue to reflect upon during the entire time of the business school experience, and beyond. This should ensure that you make the most of your personal investment.




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