Blockchain Tech and IoT

December 10, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

IOTA is an example of the future of IoT and blockchain. Surely, there will be more programs just like IOTA. Our lives will be machine-based, with these machines becoming smarter and more frequent. […]

Career Tips

How to prepare a career blueprint?

June 24, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

An ancient Indian sage whilst teaching archery put a wooden bird as the target and asked his disciples to describe what they saw. The first one said, “I see trees, branches, leaves, the sky and […]

Career Tips

Mastering the Art of Team Building

June 16, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

No business or industry could really make it big without the cooperative efforts of its supervisors and workers. The demands of modern business as a fast paced environment has made teamwork and coöperation an essential […]

Career Tips

Surviving the First Day at Work

June 16, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

Getting hired is not the sole objective of career development. In fact, it is just a gateway for the real struggle. If you are serious about your career development you will certainly have to go […]

Career Tips

How Does an MBA Help an Engineer?

May 10, 2016 MBA Pundit 0

Getting through a management entrance test may seem a Herculean task, and obtaining tips and techniques to crack it is vital. Have you ever contemplated whether engineers would make better managers than CAs? Statistics clearly […]