No business or industry could really make it big without the cooperative efforts of its supervisors and workers. The demands of modern business as a fast paced environment has made teamwork and coöperation an essential part of business success. Recent business developments show that there is a move towards mergers and free markets are being established.

Competition is becoming greater and it is necessary for people running a business or industry to put their acts together to be able cope with growing demands and fast changes. A high level of productivity is always attributed to personnel cohesiveness in the company.

A broad understanding of the goals and mission of the company is the basis for building teamwork. Management should see to it that every worker should feel that he or she is not just doing the job require but is actually fulfilling the grand objective of the company. Employees have to understand that they are an integral part of the big picture which is the company and the picture would not be complete without them doing his job. Successful businesses have well-motivated people.

Personnel development is also essential for effective team building. There should be continuous effort to enhance people capability and teamwork thru seminars, in-service trainings and frequent meetings. Whenever there are problems which affect personnel cohesiveness, management should see to it that these are resolved immediately.

Personnel commitment is an important aspect which management should take into serious consideration. The challenge given to workers should be appropriately recognized and compensated when they accomplish well in their given task.

A good team is composed of competent people who are able to give to the success of the team. Everyone is able to perform as expected. A company should have a leadership team which leads the way for the support group. Communication lines among the group members should always be open.

Employees should feel that they are empowered to do their job in the most suitable manner and environment. Limitations should be recognized and the leadership should be ready and prepared to address these limitations. Members should also feel that they are accountable for everything they do and that they maintain good relationship with each other.

The team should also have an established feedback system. Records and reports are important in order to be able to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Norms and rules should be firmly in place to guide members how to resolve conflicts and make decisions on important matters.

Workers should also be guided by formulated action plans and appropriate strategies. Personnel performance and achievement are assessed based on how they are able to work according to the plan and strategies formulated by the leadership.

Personnel should at all times be encouraged to be innovative and creative. Rewards and incentives should be given to members who contribute brilliant new ideas and take reasonable risks just to be able to make improvements on the job assigned to them. Research is an important matter in order to make improvements. Management should see to it that research tools and materials are accessible to the team members.

Team members should be have a clear view of the company and the nature of their contribution, empowered to work collaboratively according to specified norms, given enough room for improvement and creativity, well-compensated and maintains constant communication with each the leadership and each other.