Getting hired is not the sole objective of career development. In fact, it is just a gateway for the real struggle. If you are serious about your career development you will certainly have to go through challenging times to move up the career ladder.

Before you can actually move up in your career, you have to start somewhere and nothing speaks more of your future in the company than your first day at work. Although some could overcome the first day blues, first impression in every employee will basically stick to him or her and is very difficult to change. In every corporate world, first impression will usually last.

One of the important thing you should remember on the first day is that you are going to work with experienced people in the company. It is a common notion that people who have seniority in the company are better informed than you. That is basically correct considering their experience with the company. Because of this, you need not come in acting you know so many things about the business or acting like you are completely dumb about the industry. Work diligently but only up to what you can understand.

If there is anything you need to clarify, do not hesitate to ask. Asking means you are actually working on something while learning the ropes of the company. The good thing about asking is you can know people through asking them questions.

The next thing that you should do at work: blend. Blending with your co-workers has so many advantages. You get to know people who will be more than happy to help you, you extend your network and more importantly, gain friends. Your work will be much easier when you have people around you who are willing to help you. Snubbing other people will get you nowhere. Even though your work does not need you to be a team player, career advancement does not only require you to work well but to be a team player as well.

While you are just starting at work it is better to walk around with a small notepad and a pen. It may sound geeky but it works. Small office practices have to be observed and you do not want to embarrass yourself just because you do not know how to deal with the coffee maker or the water dispenser. Moving gracefully or normally in the office will make sure an “ok” rating from most of your co-workers.

Expect to know office politics and gossips in your first day especially when you are gaining friends real fast. Do not, in any circumstance, talk about it with your co-workers. All you need to do is to listen to the information and let it be. You do not want to end up in trouble at the first day of work just because you cannot control the gossip told to you.

In gist, the first day of the office will make or break your future in the company. Network with people and learn all the things about the company and avoid office politics so that you can ensure your position and the approval of your co-workers in the company.