Fresh Graduates – First Impression is the Last Impression

Your resume is the single most important document when you’re looking for a job. It will tell you who you are, what you have done and what you could to do for the company you want to work with. Those that have experience can easily write things what they have done and easily impress their intended employers. On the other hand, fresh graduates might find themselves in an unfair position since they don’t have any job experiences. But you shouldn’t worry if you’re a fresh graduate in the world of job hunting. Unless they are looking for an experienced individual, you are in the same playing field like everyone else.

As a fresh graduate, you don’t have anything to write that’s related to actual job experience. The only way to go is write a resume about your skills you have acquired while in college. Don’t just write what you learned and what you know, instead write the skills that you got from the course that you chose. Make sure that the skills you have acquired are related to the job you are applying for.

Make it a point to list training and internship experiences you had while you’re in college. Of course, list only the things that are related to the job you are interested. There maybe a time when you have to list other things such as your hobby or interest. You can still do this but do not highlight them like they are the only things that you know and like to do. Remember that they are looking for some help and they are looking for someone who can do the job for them. Because of that, you have to write the skills that could fulfill their need.

When writing an objective, don’t write something that’s too general. Be creative and write about the skills that you have. Treat it like a preview of the entire resume. This upfront writing will immediately tell your possible employer that you know something and you could do well for their company. These employers might be reading through hundreds of resumes daily so most of them don’t read past the objective. You have to write a convincing objective to make sure that your resume will never end in a garbage bin. Expect your possible employer to ask you about your objective in the resume since that have captured their attention towards you.Great Resume

Once you have written everything you have learned from college, it’s time to read through your resume.There is no paranoia in writing correct resume. You have to read, re-read and read again your resume to make sure every spelling and grammar is correct.

Get someone to read through your resume for an independent evaluation for spelling, grammar and even general format. Do not expect to be hired if something wrong or even a small error is found in resume.

Starting out in your preferred career is a challenge especially when you’re a fresh graduate. But if you start out right with the good resume, your chances of advancing is better and faster.






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