Industrial Organisation – an MBA course at Said Business School

A core course taken in the first term
8 lectures, 8 1 hour classes, + 3 hours work per week
Examined by 3 case studies (30%) Final exam (70%)

Pre-course thoughts
Microeconomics and how to use it, seems to be the subject of this course. I haven’t got a lot to go on here, but a course which looks at economy of scale, oligopolies and pricing models is probably firmly rooted in economics. There’s also stuff about advertising and product differentition though, so we’re clearly not just drawing supply and demand graphs here.

Post course thoughts
It was indeed economics, or more specifically what economists call the theory of the firm. We started with a study of monopoly and another of perfect competition and then we spent the rest of the course in the middle ground – oligopoly.

There was some interesting stuff on game theory, which I’d like to look at in more detail at some point, and an interesting lecture on auctions (including a chance to talk to the guy who designed the 3G auctions in the UK, netting the govt £22Bn). That said there wasn’t much here that I didn’t cover in A-level economics.







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