Operations Management – an MBA course at Said Business School

A core course taken in the second term
8 lectures
Examined by Final exam (100%)

Post course thoughts
I liked this course a lot, its about how to get real companies to do real things. It was also about other important things, like quality, which may not seem like a huge deal till you think about the cost of product recalls, or chernobyl, or not being as good at making cars as the Japanese. Like a lot of stuff on MBA courses Operations Management isn’t all that hard conceptually, but there’s an awful lot of it and there must be a reason why even after people have worked out what’s supposed to be done so few companies actually do it.

I also liked this course because it encouraged us to think about the people who work to carry out the sometimes bizarre requests of their managers. Phrases like ‘dignity of the workers’ and ‘earning respect’ were not uncommon, and that is very important. Good stuff, well taught with some interesting case studies to work through.







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