Top 5 Must-Haves for the Empowered Woman

Ranging from a toolkit to SPF Foundation, our top five must-have list reflects the various roles of today’s woman. We put forward our top five list of must-haves for the empowered women.

1. Little Pink ToolKit
Little Pink Toolkit“Every tool in this 10-piece set is ergonomically designed for a woman’s hand. Also, since I endorse businesses that give back, I was impressed that a percentage of each sale goes to fight breast cancer.”

2. USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drive

“A definitive must-have for anyone on the go. Why run around with a
large bag filled with papers when you can take lots of information
with you on a USB flash drive? Everything’s on computers these days
you could have your resume, presentations, contact information readily
available in a small device which fits in your palm.”

3. Belkin Wireless-G Travel Router
router belkin
“This has definitely been my saviour when I travel. One can easily hook this travel router to the ethernet cable at a hotel and surf the web wirelessly from ones bed within a 300 foot range.

Having this product definitely gives me a sense of empowerment, since I can check my email and surf the web from wherever I want in my room when I am on travel duty.”

4. Foundation with SPF

foundation spf
A foundation with sun protection to prevent wrinkles, [because]
appearance is everything when trying to move on up in the corporate world!

5. Health and Fitness

To keep you inspired, subscribe to a comprehensive magazine like Self magazine for the latest health, diet, and fitness tips.

Also, it is imperative to visit the gym regularly or hire a personal trainer. There are a bevy of gyms to choose from nowadays to suit your needs. While finding the perfect fit, take into consideration:

  • Proximity from work/home
  • Friendliness of staff
  • Classes offered
  • Condition of equipment
  • Diet/nutrition incorporated into regimen

Remember: work/life balance is important. The first step to empowerment is a healthy diet with exercise to keep you on top of your game!







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