The Three Keys to Personal Training

Personal training can be divided into three categories. Client Relations , physical training, and marketing. They are all important keys in having a successful business. In most cases someone who is wondering how to become Personal trainer will focus too much in one are while losing sight in the other areas of becoming a Personal trainer. In truth it takes a balance of the three very different aspects to have a profitable Personal training business. Here is a brief overview of the skills you need to succeed in this business

1. Client Relations
When a client is seeking a Personal trainer what they really want is a new lifestyle that accompanies the changes they want to make. In other words using a workout you picked out of a men’s fitness magazine and being a rep counter really will not be enough to drive business back to you through referrals. The key to having a good client relationship is not having a cushy relationship but instead having accountability. Ask anyone involved in life style changes and they will all agree that having accountability will make the difficult change easier. Having an avenue of communication that your clients can reach our own be it email or phone will tighten your relationship and give the client better results

2. Physical Training
Each one of your clients should defiantly have a custom training program. Most of your clients will be after the same goal. Fat loss. But each client will have a different body type and history. I have talked to a lot of trainers who have been putting people on these cookie cutter programs and their business has not gone anywhere.

3. Marketing
The final and most important key to becoming a Personal trainer success is marketing. But what are you marketing? Yourself! If you want to earn the big bucks in the Personal training industry than you have to know how to sell yourself. The best way to accomplish this other than being charismatic is by giving great results to your clients. As always word of mouth is the best form of advertisement. Another way to have your clients work for you as by having before and after pictures of your clients to win over perspective customers.






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