MBA Application – Round-1 Checklist

As Round-1 deadline approaches, I want to share some important last-minute advice on your application. Although I am not in the Admissions Committee, I think there are some general guidelines that are important to follow when submitting your application. Oftentimes, an application is denied because of small details that we didn’t see or forgot to check. Hopefully before you send your MBA application, you have checked what I will mention below.

1.  Be sure to write about the college you are applying to! It is not an uncommon mistake that some applicants refer to other schools in their essays. Even if your intention was to write about your particular school, if you have written any other, it shows lack of attention.

2. Verify your essays’ word limit. Essays are meant not only to show your ability to convey the message you want to send, but also to play with the rules. Of course the word limit is not written in stone and it is OK if you exceed a little bit. But, please, don’t send an essay with 1300 words when the limit is 1000!

3. Be careful with correct wording and grammar. Don’t let misspellings and incorrect grammar knock you down. Use your word processor to help you on that and someone to proofread your essays.

4. Confirm if you have already sent your GMAT and TOEFL scores. Be sure that you have sent your official GMAT and TOEFL scores to MBA Admissions. This saves MBA Admissions trouble to contact you in case you get admitted and can’t find your exam scores.

5. Check if you have sent your School Transcripts. Special attention to international students that transcripts should be translated to English.

6. Make sure you have uploaded all your essays. Applicants that are not technology-savvy should be acquainted on how to use the on-line application system. In case you need any help, don’t wait until the last day to seek for help.

These are my advice for you Round-1 Prospective students. Good luck to you all!







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