MBA admissions assistance tips

If you want to apply for the top MBA schools, the following MBA admission essay writing tips might help you.

University of Chicago

This University offers variety in their MBA programs. Their students are allowed to adapt their interests in their curriculum. So, if you want to apply in this university, make sure that your MBA admission essay hints a partiality to diversity.

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

This top MBA University in Wharton has ranked in second place of the Business Week’s top 20 MBA programs. The University is known for its competitive MBA programs. If you want to try your luck here, it might be best to write a diligent MBA admission essay. Aside from the fact that an excellently written MBA admission essay can boost your application chances, it could also make up for a mediocre GPA or GMAT score.

Northwestern University (Kellogg)

This private institution has an academic community that fosters a balance of academic studies and activities. So, your MBA admission essay for this University must be able to show your desire for team involvement. You could also use your MBA admission essay to cite particular affiliations that you might have.

Harvard University

Harvard University has a wide alumni network. According to the survey conducted by Business Week in 2006, Harvard students are capable of solving realistic problems. So, your MBA admission essay for this University must be able to show your analytical side.

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor

This University might not be the best in terms of facilities but they have very promising MBA programs. To help you get a slot in this University, use your MBA admission essay to show that you after individual development.

Stanford University

The students in this institution are allowed to take subject electives that are not directly r elated to business. So, try to make your MBA admission essay sound that you are ready for knowledge expansion.

MIT (Sloan)

This institution is a haven for students who have engineering background. If you want to apply for this institution, write an MBA admission essay that could show your inclination to entrepreneurship.

University of California Berkeley (Haas)

The University offers MBA programs that specialize in entrepreneurship and technology. So, it is best that your MBA admission essay should hint your love for innovation.

Duke University (Fuqua)

This University does not foster conflict. So, your MBA admission essay for this institution must show your interest in unity and cooperation.

Columbia University

The University houses high-profile MBA scholars. The institution also offers access to employment recruiters. So, your MBA admission essay must show your thirst to go places.

Whether you are applying for a top MBA school or not, the MBA admission essay remains to be a very important admission requirement. Try to prepare for it.







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