SPJain Global Experience

I successfully completed cracked the SPJ global Selection process. Thank you, if you are congratulating me and to those who will do it sometime in future ;) .

It was in Mumbai… amchi Mumbai. It has a different air, and you can feel a vibrancy in it.

I went to SP Jain Mumbai at Andheri, popularly known as Bhavan’s campus, where you can see true Mumbai crowd. I reached there for 10.00 am slot which I chose from various time slots available. I did all the formalities of submitting documents. Then there was announcement that there will be no GD- thank god no fishy stuff. The coördinator distributed the case studies to us, respective of our opted specialization. Mine was service marketing management and I got a case on Facebook and MySpace, why the former is more successful and how business can leverage its power.Time given 45 mins. In Next 15 mins two questions – Discuss your strength and weaknesses, what success means to you  – were to be answered.

Then candidates were called for the panel interview. A woman and a gentleman were waiting for me in a small room, with a round table in it. I felt comfortable as it looks like another across the table session with client (actually this is the way one should take interviews and not being conscious about it). They asked me why I wanna do MBA and what I learned during my work years till now, so that I feel MBA will help me further we talked on this topic for 2o mins. Then next question was on my hobbies, again 10 mins on that. I said cooking and socializing. They asked what I learn m these activities and how they help me. I defended the question pretty well. Lastly, they asked me if I have any question. I used the opportunity to ask them about the Canada option they are offering during the course period. After few rounds of sentences from both the side we ended the interview.

Then came the next call (only to the few successful candidates) to have an PI with institute director. Huge room and a person was seating across the long table. He offered me seat, I graciously accepted it. Again the question was why MBA but in different bottle. Why you wanna do specialization in service marketing. Again I was in the mode of convincing another client. I said what was true to me (everyone has to figure out his/her answer), 15 mins grilling on this. And that’s it.

The logic was to check clarity of your thought, how much conviction you have. I knew I have given them what they were looking for.

The idea is to stay cool and have conviction in your answers showing them what they are looking for. Keep it Simple.

By the time I reached Delhi, the admission call was in my mailbox. In this time of sinking market, I don’t know whether I will join, but the experience is worth sharing with you people.

And don’t you dare miss Vada pav, if you are in Mumbai or any near by place. It’s the best thing ever happened in Mumbai. The fuel for Mumbaiyas.






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