Salaries are not enough to make happy

One of the most challenging problems of today’s societies is how employers can support the employees. Assuming that employees are remunerated by companies, sometimes they cannot even afford many of their daily needs. Some of the problems that they encounter are high cost of living, retirement problems and loss of work motivation.

To begin with, high cost of living causes many problems for wage earners, particularly employees. They do not run their own business; to put it more simply; they have no capital for private work. According to insurance organizations reports, employees earn the least amount of money among the people of societies; on the other hand, employees are the people who pay their taxes regularly. These issues can cause problems for employees.

Second, the employees’ salaries decrease at the time of retirement and this results in so many problems. Most probably, this is the time when children are grown up and life expenditures are in the highest level. Hence, if the salaries are not paid sufficiently, many problems will arise in these periods.

Many employers, however, argue that by decreasing salaries, the company will save money. But I find it hard to agree because even if it will work for a short time, the company will lose much in the long run, because employees are the most important investments of companies among others, such as material and money. Hence, ‘low-incomes’ will decrease their motivation for work and will hurt the system.

To sum up, companies must satisfy their employees because of the humane points of view and because of then again, their own success. As far as I can say, sufficient and appropriate salaries and some facilities like health insurance will make employees happy and this will result in the happiness of the company.






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