Part Time Jobs – A Necessity

It is undoubtedly true that these days, most school and university students participate in part-time jobs. Although, some people correctly argue that it is time-consuming work which will take the students study time, part-time job has some benefits for the students. Its advantages can be viewed from financial, experimental and psychological aspects.

Generally speaking, having a part-time job will help the student to earn money. The amount, however, is not significant, but it will be useful for daily needs of a student; for instance, buying clothes and university books, shopping from canteen, and paying for transportation. I, myself, had a part-time job that helped me to be able to pay for enrolment in extra classes.

Taking experiments into account, a part-time job provides us with many valuable experiments. It causes the student to be familiar with the world that is out of classes, and it will compel the student to have interactive relationships with people; furthermore, it will precisely open a new world in front of the student’s eyes and will take him/her out from solitary life.

In terms of psychology, part-time job will create a pleasant feeling of self-esteem in the student. In fact, it will denote a sense of independence and freedom. This is exactly at the time when it comes to action and the student is going to step in the real world.

To sum up, having a part-time job is worthwhile for students. As far as I can say, it will improve some aspects of students’ life; although time must be paid for it.





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