Importance of Getting your MBA Abroad

Advantages of Getting an MBA Abroad

Chances are you’re debating between staying in India to work on your MBA or going abroad to study your MBA internationally. While both choices have their own characteristics that are appealing, I’d like to open your eyes to the possibilities of taking your experience and education abroad.

Learn from and with International Professionals

Step out of your comfort zone. Studying an MBA is unlike that of Science or Technology where it is mostly lecture oriented. An MBA involves working with others in group projects, business ventures and working dynamically as part of a group larger than yourself to approach tasks.

This means a lot of your learning will come from interaction and learning from others within your program. That being said, it is obvious then that you would want your colleagues and classmates to have just as much experience as you have and hopefully from a different career perspective than you. This way, you are all able to bring view points and ideas to the table.

Expand Your Experience

It is said that the majority of students entering Indian MBA schools are fresh out of college or university without any work experience as of yet. If you are a professional already and have already had experience working in a management role, or within a family business for a few years, studying locally may not give you the opportune situation to learn from others who have different experience than you as well as skills and abilities that you can learn from them.

Diversity = New Perspectives


Studying abroad at an international school gives you the chance to connect with professionals from all over the world. Plus, chances are your colleagues background experience will not be the exact same as you. To differentiate yourself with your MBA I would highly suggest getting an MBA abroad.

Take for example a top tier school in the United States or Canada (schools that are known internationally for their top programs). Students there will be coming from a wide range of majors and disciplines. Take a moment right now to think of the vast range of information and breadth of knowledge that can be shared through classroom discussion and collaboration!

Differentiate Yourself – Don’t be the Majority!

The schools in India are definitely difficult schools to attain admission into, the caliber of study there is one of great reputation. However, students attending these schools often come from similar backgrounds and experiences. For example, engineering, IT, science and may have 1 or 2 years working within the industry. Each individual is extremely bright in their own right, however is there much to differentiate you from your classmate?

Diversity of foreign education is definitely an advantage here. The exchange of perspectives and thoughts is huge, and when there is no diversity, learning can often become stifled.

You will find that your colleagues abroad have much experience and a lot to offer you to learn from them. Plus, you won’t just be a needle in a hay stack. As an international student with international experiences and education, you’ll be able to make a mark!

International Business Education

During your undergraduate education, you may have seen a lot of reference to business in the United States, the reason being that business there is taking on an international viewpoint. Do not think that by studying in the United States, Canada, the UK, Singapore or any other place will cause you to loose touch with your Indian educational upbringing. This is not the case! Studying abroad pushes your capabilities and allows you to learn a vast amount of business preparation so you are able to stay where you are to work, or bring back this fantastic knowledge to put to work where you originally started! With an international education, the tools and skills you learn are easily transferable where ever you decide to take them – into any career you’ve been thinking about!

I am passionate that with these reasons you’ll be able to take the experience you already have and apply it to an MBA abroad that will make you a complete star. Best of luck!






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