8 Parameters Student assess before joining an MBA Institute

The world of MBA Management education provides a different and beautifully successful vista for students inclined towards a corporate lifestyle.  There has been a mushrooming of MBA institutes across a world, each promising to offer a completely different experience, to a population of students which is falling for the lure of the corporate high-flying world! More and more students are opting for management course as it gives them a competitive edge in their career and helps them in advancing their career at a rapid pace. It also enhances their financial position as management jobs are considered to pay higher compared to other streams.

As with any other graduation course, Students need to be well-informed of the institute they will be choosing to pursue their Management MBA examination at. Here is the MBA Pundits guide to parameter assessment before students join an MBA Institute.

1. Admission Criteria: All across the world, the best students are attracted by the best institutes. So always remember to assess the admission criteria of the various institutes.

2. Infrastructure, both (physical & intellectual): Merely having an excellent teaching faculty necessarily does not mean the institute is a good one. Physical infrastructure and the availability of a well stocked library, modern computer center, well maintained classrooms etc.,reflect the quality of education the institute is providing.

3. Course Content and Specializations offered:  What use is it to the students if the curriculum offered is not going to help in the corporate world after graduation? The curriculum should be in sync with the industry in order to meet the current demands from industry. This will not only help the student in harnessing his knowledge but also in having an edge in the job market.

4. Faculty: Good faculty is one of the greatest resources of any MBA management institute. The faculty from the institute provide continuity, guidance and monitoring that students need during their course of study. In addition, the faculty must have an updated knowledge of the current industry practices and be able to guide a student in the right path taking into consideration the aptitude of the student. Faculty with industry experience and knowledge are among the best resource of an Institute!

5. Student and Alumni Achievements: When the students at an MBA institute do well, it usually brings in more infrastructure, the best faculty and reflects the image and reputation of the institute. This almost always results in better pay packages and deals to the outgoing student and better recruitment at the college campus.

6. Cost of education: The cost of education and return against the investment is one of the foremost criteria that candidates consider. However, as explained in a previous article, this is a flawed concept, but an important one to be considered before joining an institute that is not very much reputed.

7. Placement details & CTC offered: candidates should always check the placement claims made by the institute. The range of CTC offered during campus placement needs to be checked too. The best way to do this is to interact with alumni of these institutes rather than relying on the Institute website or press release.

8. Location & hostel facility: India is a large country and the region/location of the institute with respect to the employment opportunities after the completion of the degree in the vicinity of their state and availability of the hostel is also a deciding factor for the students.





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