Ranking of MBA Institutes

This is one area that leaves one more confused at the end than in the beginning.
The number of agencies who carry out ranking are increasing day by day and it is very difficult to separate the chaff from the gain as the criteria for assessment are not the same, also the worthiness of the agency itself is sometimes in question. Certain guidelines that must be kept in mind are whether the rater has a global stature, the criteria used for rating are relevant, whether the process is transparent and there is universal acceptance of the results. According to a recent issue of Business Week four factors decide your future in selecting the best B-School for admissions. These are:

1. A high calibre faculty
2. A good Grading system.
3. The quality of Internships done by students.
4. Wide choice of electives.

In India, only five leading management opinion leaders commission B-School ranking by a Gallup which includes Random digit dialling (RDD).

The Key people who do this are:
1. Business India
2. Business Today
3. Consortium for Strategic Management and Organisation Development (Cosmode)
4. Outlook
5. All India Management Association

A well structured method of B-School Ranking followed by these agencies in order to ensure uniformity in the ranking process. This includes key input from areas such as the quality of students, the companies that come for campus placements, the infrastructure and facilities provided to students based on the B-School’s research output in the form of case studies developed, live projects handled, workshops conducted, and finally the quality of intellectual capital of the faculty in terms of their contribution to peer review journals.





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