Do not let your MBA Dream die

Like every other Indian, cricket is my passion and will always be. The game can teach you a lot and believe me CAT or for that matter of fact other entrance exams are in some way related to cricket. This article will not give you any thing related to IIMs or IMTs or IITs. The intention of writing this article is to help you focus and remain motivated.

Start Small but think big

The dream is to book a seat in an IIM by June 2012. If the aforementioned is your dream then write it down so that you can see it every day. Next, list down every important topic you know off in mathematics( for example Algebra, Geometry, quadratic equations etc) and in verbal(RC, CR, SC, Word meanings). Do not forget to get your list verified by a teacher or a friend. Once you are sure that your list is exhaustive try to make an excel sheet which may list down all you areas with your respective strengths in them. Set targets( that I will do a total of 50 question in week provided you have 10 week areas) in terms of number of question w.r.t respective areas.

Targets, at this point in time, can be a bit lenient but increase the number of questions as you move forward just as you increase the weights in a gym . The idea is to find the areas that need(s) more work. You have to complete this activity by 31st Aug 2011. There are two benefits of this activity, one, that you will be in practice and two, that you will know your good & bad areas early.  Also, it would be great if you can give one mock before 31st Aug 2011. It will give a sense of belonging that yes the direction you have chosen is correct.


The month of September should be used for doing at least 1RC(8-10 min + 20 min of analysis), 5CR(8-10 min + 20 min of analysis) and learning 10 new words(10 min) a day. So all you have to do is give 1.5hrs a day to verbal every day, starting September. Continue doing this till December. Wow, it looks so simple man but trust me it is not. It needs dedication and motivation and to keep both of them at zenith read out your dream everyday in the morning. The most important point while doing all this is Analyze.

Deciding on the number of mock tests, the frequency and when to start giving mock tests is your own prerogative. The idea is to peak at the right time and not be stressed. If you ask me, September is a good time to start with mocks( this may vary from person to person). The month of October should be more dedicated to mock tests rather than learning new things. Having said that, learning new concepts and tricks should never stop ( all those who say that after October no more new concepts, are stopping you from having an open mind). November, December and January is the time to be on full throttle as the season is about to start. Practice as much as you can during this month. You may stop giving mocks a week before your CAT  but keep doing questions and as many as possible.


The month of September should be used to learn new concept and tricks.While learning new things do not forget to practice the areas which are not your weakness. So keep in mind that you have to do 10-20 questions( of strong areas) a day and keep learning. The month of October should focus on mock test. Try to do the best in your mocks. While analyzing the mocks do each and every question on a sheet of paper. Ask your self why you were not able to do a particular question or why did you get it wrong. Try to make note of your mistake on that sheet too. Reduce the number of mocks in November, December and January but do not stop practicing. Give the solution sheets a read some times. All this while, you will be distraught, sad or mad at yourself for not getting the right results but just remember only the ‘THE DAY MATTERS’. Have faith and trust me no effort in life goes waste.

The crux of the article is to keep practicing, not to loose focus, Dream big but start small, and do not forget to Analyze. I hope this article helps you in some way or the other. Wish you a happy reading. Dream on People…..







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