Top 5 Things an Aspirant Must Do Before Starting an MBA

3 idiots’, the movie which must have run a bell in your heads, correctly gives a message, “Don’t run after success. Run after excellence. If you run after excellence, success will run after you”. However, success is a relative term and trust me it can be defined any which way you want to. Getting an admission into a premier college for MBA may be termed as success. The life of an MBA is tough but not impossible to live if you have done your groundwork. The list is endless and it is always good to do more than you can but here in this article, I shall narrow down top 5 must dos before you step in to an MBA college

1.  Understand Human Beings

Once you start your journey, you are going to meet many fellows, teachers etc. The aim should be understand how to interact with different people. You have to be very quick to analyse that boy X likes jokes, Girl Y is studious, Boy Z is helpful but needs attention etc. If you can understand ‘people’, trust me, you are done with what an MBA needs to understand. It just does not end there, you have to devise ways (out of scope of this article) to interact with different people.

2. Set Goals But Be Realistic

Setting goals is paramount for one to remain motivated. Before setting a goal ask yourself three questions: Is it Achievable? ; How can this be achieved? ; What all things I need to do to achieve it? This activity will help you understand the outcomes of doing an MBA and what is achievable.

3. Create a Linkedin Account

I am cent per cent sure that each one of you has a Facebook account but not a Linkedin account. Linkedin is already a big thing. It can help you get not only a great summer job with a brilliant profile but a dream placement. Trust me you will be happier getting placed via Linkedin rather than your college placement.

4. Practice writing and speaking in English

Writing and Speaking English is something which can only come by practice and reading. The more you write and speak the better. Like it or not, you are judged the moment you open your mouth be it in the interview, presentations etc. Hence, it is of utmost importance to improve in both the departments of English (it is the global world my friend and English is the global language)

5. Pick one area and specialise

Be the best in one field of your liking but do not forget to have knowledge about other fields. The fields you choose to specialise read about it day in day out. Practice it, if need be. Attain excellence and be so strong that there is no one better than you.

As already mentioned, this is not an exhaustive list. One can always add to this and. I wish everyone a successful journey during your 2 years or 1 year of MBA.






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