Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT 2013

CAT 2013 dates announced, exam to be held from 16th October to 11th November. With the announcement of the schedule the final countdown to the exams has begun and so has begun the last lap of preparation. Here are some tips for the same.

The last few days before the CAT exam are certainly the most stressful, with each passing day proving to be a new ordeal. However, it has been observed that most students take too much undue stress which amounts to lost focus and reduced competitive ability, only when they are needed the most. The CAT exams are in their last stage with only four days of the scheduled itinerary remaining. If your exam falls within these four days, here are some tips that will ease out the tension and also help you face the challenge better prepared.

Make a plan based on your strengths and weaknesses

Till now you must have had a pretty good idea about what topic you find as the easiest and what topic makes you sweat. Now take this time to make a strategy of solving the question paper within the means you have. Take mock tests to figure out how that strategy is working out for you and include any changes if required. To get started, spend the least time on your strong sections while solving the paper and devote more time for the sections which you find the toughest. Your test taking strategy should include the order of topics and difficulty level planning.

Identify the mistakes and improve upon them

More often than not, there is a definite pattern to the mistakes being committed by a candidate. Your mock test results will reveal what you are missing and the areas where most improvement is needed. Getting low scores in one section does not necessarily mean that your grasp of that section is weak. It can also mean that you are not giving the section enough attention or may be, treating it with a complacent attitude. Make a note of all the silly mistakes in the written and work upon an action plan to eliminate them.

Do not kill time solving a single problem

Many students fail to realize the importance of time management while taking CAT. There are times when you would get stuck solving a single problem and would spend precious minutes on trying to find an answer to it even after multiple failed attempts. Such frivolity is not for an as important occasion as CAT. If you are not able to solve a problem in first two attempts it is wise to leave it and come to it later once you have solved the rest of the question paper. This will save you a lot of time as well as prevent building of unnecessary pressure.

Revision of concepts

A last minute revision of all important concepts can make a whole lot of difference. You will thank yourself for making all the preparatory notes as they will come to your rescue in this need of hour. Use these notes to give a cursory glance to the different sections of CAT. Test your memory by rewriting important points about a particular topic and check against the reference material to know if anything has been missed.

Give a physical visit to the examination center prior to the exam date

Last but not the least, to ensure that everything goes well on the final day; make a prior visit to the examination center. This will give you an idea about the distance and the time required reaching the place. Getting late to the venue on the exam day can lead to a disastrous experience owing to the unnecessary mental pressure.

Also, get all your documents to be carried to the exam venue ready and crosscheck them with the list provided with the admit card. A final advice would be to leave all your worries and stress behind and have a sound sleep on the eve of exam. Wake up early the next day, have a healthy yet light breakfast and start early for your exam venue.







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