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How to Set up Business In United Arab Emirates

Being in the Middle East for over 20 years, I have realized the advantages and the disadvantages of being here. The market is quite amazing, to say the least with the biggest branding advantages of its time. There is each and every brand present here making it a very huge market for every industry. The fact that it has a port right next to it makes it all the easier for import and export.

Having a business setup in UAE is bound to be a huge benefit for anyone looking at an investment at the moment. Moreover, there is the helping hand of the Government in setting up companies here. They are more than supportive of you investing your money here. This is the stand-out point if you ask me.

There are different methods to start your company in the Middle East. Now, quite obviously – you want to be in the most secure industry and also have the steps to begin your operations in check. How would you do this? With the help of a trained professional or a consultant, you would be able to reach out to all the industry needs you have. There are of course different company formations that you can look at. This is based on your company’s needs and the industry you are in.

Here are the different businesses starts that you can look at:

Choose between free zones or Dubai mainland

One of the highlights of setting up a company in the UAE would be the free zones or Dubai mainland that are perfect for foreign investments. There are a host of advantages put forward by the Government so that it is easier for you to set up and continue your business in a flawless manner. Here you would have 100% ownership of the company as well as 100% exemption from taxes.

This in itself would mean clear advantages when compared with other countries and company set up procedures. Imagine the savings you would have when this percentage is being saved month on month.

Offshore Companies based in UAE

There is the huge advantage of setting up an offshore base in Dubai. The simplest of them all is that it makes the perfect base for your business between Europe, America, and Southern Asia. UAE is termed as the tourism hub of the world. All international businesses have an offshore setup here only because of the advantages here.

There are no local rules in place that make it easy for international law to be applied to offshore companies. This way, there is no liability to your business. Your company is protected 100% by your laws and your assets are completely protected with zero taxation and 100% free money repatriation.

Limited Liability Companies (L.L.C.)

This is, without doubt, the most popular business setup of them all. Over the years, there has been a lot of investment in the Middle East and LLC companies have been a major force through this. You are allowed to work in Dubai with the support of a sponsor who has to be a local national of UAE. This makes is extremely easy for many people to enter the business sector here.

Professional Companies

You would have to look at a different form of the company set up in case you are a professional or artisan in a specific industry. This would include all forms of artistic work and specialized professions. You would be responsible for a complete stake in the company.

There is no denying the fact that you have a host of advantages to entering the beautiful land of Dubai for business setup UAE. There is the clear-cut advantage of tax as well as ownership benefits. The cost of living is a slight disadvantage that you may have in place.

Apart from this, the opportunities are plain brilliant and the lifestyle is as exciting as it gets. Plus, you would be in a better place to keep your money invested here as you have the world expo 2020 coming up. It would give your brand a lot of exposure in the coming years. Well, that is exactly what I thought when I started my business here and it has been an amazing ride so far.






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