How to start your GD PI preparation

GD/PI: as important as the written test

Conquering the CAT is a tough job to do and this job comprises of more than one hurdles. CAT is the short form for Common Admission Test which is held every year and it is the gateway to get into many prestigious business schools across the country. The written test is the first stop and if the students clear that they get ready for GD and PI which are group discussion and personal interview respectively. If you are among the lucky ones who have cleared your way to the GD and PI then buckle up as they are as difficult as the written exam. Group discussion and personal interview are conducted by individual institutions and the schedules are also different for every college. The preparation for group discussion and personal interview must not be taken lightly as the final decision is made on the basis of these two. What should be the effective method to prepare for GD and PI is one question that surfaces in the minds of most MBA aspirants.

Prepare for GD and PI with these tips

After you are done with appearing for the written test it is time for you to move on with your preparation. The next step of the procedure will be to get ready to face group discussion and interview and that needs a lot of preparation. Along with GD and PI some colleges also test the candidates on the basis of essay writing so practice that as well. This second phase of CAT preparation is as vital as the first one and it will call for a lot more self confidence and preparation than the first one as the competition will be tougher than before. Some of the students opt for the method of self preparation which means they practice without any professional help whereas there is a second group who signs in for professional tuition. Both the groups require putting in equal amounts of effort and the only difference between them is the way of practicing.

SELF PREPARATION: if you see yourself in this group then get ready for a tight schedule and here are some handy tips to help. Adequate knowledge about the current affairs will be your best friend when you appear for group discussion and interview or even write an essay.

  • Equip yourself with the recent happenings in the country and in the world by reading the newspapers, magazines and you can also use the internet for assistance.
  • You need to follow a set routine which should include watching news, reading newspapers and practice your writing skills and writing speed for essay writing. A lot of knowledge regarding current affairs will help you to perform better at the group discussion and extend better arguments before the group.
  • The MBA aspirants should also do some research about the popular topics for group discussion as that will give them a faint idea on what topics prevail. Practice speaking as you must not fumble while talking as that will lower your impact on the deciding committee.
  • Build your self confidence by focusing on your positive traits rather than the negative ones as when you appear for an interview you will need confidence. Getting in a good college is a dream of all and it is not impossible to achieve if you know how to proceed.

PRACTICE WITH PROFESSIONAL HELP: students coming under this category should do everything that is listed above. The additional feature they will get is professional advice from tutors and for getting the best advice you must pick a reputed coaching institution. These institutions also conduct mock group discussions to make the students practice for the real thing. There are many MBA coaching institutions in every city and it is your job to pick one that suits your requirement.







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