Pursuing Executive MBA – Is it the right choice?

If you are a working professional, interested in improving your skills and in the betterment of your career prospects, then an Executive MBA or EMBA is the perfect choice for you. The curriculum of the course is prepared keeping in mind the usual work schedule of the pursuing students. The courses offered are generally the same as in case of a regular MBA, like accounting, statistics, management, finance, marketing, information systems.

However, the entire course becomes different due to the professional experience of the participants. The course takes a team approach where all participants are encouraged to discuss different aspects of the curriculum and their professional experiences with one another, thus creating a further enriching experience. It is designed in such a way, that the students are able to reap maximum benefit in the shortest possible time.

The selection process of candidates is slightly different from a usual MBA course. Though an undergraduate degree is required, it need not essentially be a degree in business or related subjects. Though GMAT scores and academic records are checked, professional achievements and recommendations are more important. A strong will to succeed, definite career goals, good work experience all make a prospective candidates application more attractive. Usually, those who enter for this course have a professional experience of ten years or more.

Students need to complete their degree in a time period of two years or less. Since all of them are working professionals, one needs to be very hard working, goal-oriented and object motivated in order to do well. On an average, a time of around 15-20 hours a week is needed for classwork, research, assignments, etc. There will also be the demands of a corporate work environment. Hence, in order to succeed, one needs to be very committed and serious.

Since, employers understand the value of someone who has extra knowledge an edge over others by virtue of a special degree; many participants are partly or fully sponsored by their employers. If not, then they take other financial aid such as loans, or scholarships. However, the high quality of faculty, support staff, facilities and the knowledge and experience gained make the course fees completely worth investing in. An Executive MBA degree means you have an upper hand in contemporary management related topics and are better skilled than others. The planning and strategic thinking abilities of an MBA holder, gives a company an edge over it’s competitors.







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  2. Jeff Avatar

    Good Post. Informative

  3. Nidan Narkhade Avatar
    Nidan Narkhade

    Hi, Nice and useful article, i am planning to do executive mba and have shortlisted some courses. ITM institute has interesting course in financial markets where it says it also has real world simulation lab. Any info on this? I want to do a course that will help to get promotion to manager level.

  4. Vishal Sonavane Avatar
    Vishal Sonavane

    Executive mba is indeed the best choice for working professionals who want to advance their career. ITM Institute offers India’s largest executive mba program in the various fields. The program are weekend programs with some weekday evening classes. It is rated as No.1 executive mba b school for corporate.

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