MBA Vocabulary Words: Top Words To Prepare for Your MBA Exam

If you are planning to take an MBA entrance exam this year, it is vital to introduce yourself to the words which are most frequently seen in exams. You have a good chance of facing these words in your exam paper, where you will get questions like Different usage of same word,”, “Antonyms”, “Errors in word choice”, and “idioms, one word substitution” in your English section. From CAT, MAT, ZAT To FMS, these words will help you sail through the sea of questions surging in English section:


Meaning: (n.) something that differs from the norm

Sentence: Aberration from the subject can be disastrous.


Meaning: (v.) to hate, detest

Sentence: I abhor the feeling of being surrounded by mess!


Meaning:  (v.) to agree without protesting

Sentence: If you acquiesce without showing contempt for the social hypocrisies, you are bound to live with it.


Meaning: (n.) eagerness, speed

Sentence: alacrity of spirit that feels but half the weight it carries.


Meaning: (adj.) friendly

Sentence: Amiable behavior helps you grow in life, and make countless friends on each turn of life.


Meaning: (v.) to calm, satisfy

Sentence: You can never appease someone who is bound to make live a regretful life.


Meaning: (adj.) obscure, secret, known only by a few

Sentence: The arcane mysteries of Egyptian pyramids are beyond comprehension to even most famous of historians.


(n.) excessive greed (The banker’s avarice led him to amass an enormous personal fortune.)


Meaning: (adj.) excessively bold, brash, clear and obvious (Critics condemned the writer’sbrazen attempt to plagiarise Frankow-Czerwonko’s work.)


Meaning: (adj.) short, abrupt, dismissive

Sentence: A brusque dismissal of my proposals causes me grief.


Meaning: (v.) to urge, coax

Sentence: Cajole a lamenting soul, and you will receive nature’s blessings.


Meaning: (adj.) harsh, cold, unfeeling

Sentence: Her callous behavior towards your feelings can cause you sufferings.


Meaning: (n.) honesty, frankness

Sentence: Your candor will make your endless number of friends.


Meaning: (v.) to voice disapproval

Your sloppy behavoiur and indifference will make Hanna chide and complain.


Meaning: (adj.) cautious

Sentence: I circumspect that I would be able to bring you home before 10 am. But unfortunately I proved wrong.


Meaning: (adj.) secret

Sentence: Her clandestine relation with her boyfriend came as a shock to her husband.


Meaning: (v.) to make somebody do something by force or threat

Sentence: Our youngsters are almost coerced into growing up far too fast and far too soon by some of the pressures and policies around them.


Meaning: (adj.) logically consistent, intelligible

Sentence: ritain’s international policy toward the historic environment needs to become more coherent.

Meaning: (n.) self-satisfied ignorance of danger

Sentence: I think you have just identified the cause of so much complacency in the uk property market.


Meaning: (n.) a person entrusted with secrets

Sentence: Are you working as a confidant for the spy agencies , active in America?


Meaning: (v.) to plot, scheme

Sentence: He connived with the thieves, and is behind the bar these days.


Meaning: (adj.) increasing, building upon itself

Sentence: Her cumulative success are getting over her head.


Meaning: (v.) to lower the quality or esteem of something

Sentence: To debase someone’s character can lead you into serious trouble.


Meaning: (v.) to criticize openly

Sentence: The decry of the famous authority by newspaper, took people’s faith away from it.


Meaning: (adj.) showing respect for another’s authority

Sentence: The deferential behavior of the daughter towards her mother showed her deep affection between the two.


Meaning: (adj.) quiet, modest, reserved

Sentence: Girls are traditionally expected to be demure and coy, but the current social scenario has flagged this social attitude.

Meaning: (v.) to laugh at mockingly, scorn

Sentence: Deriding on your friend’s problems can break down your good and healthy relations.


Meaning: (n.) one who has total power and rules brutally

Sentence: The despot who rules the city is not overthrown by people with a coop.


Meaning: (adj.) showing care in doing one’s work

Sentence: Diligent studies do result fruitful results.


Meaning: (adj.) overjoyed, thrilled

Sentence: The very thought of the power that money would bring elated her.


Meaning: (adj.) expressive, articulate, moving

Sentence: Eloquent expressions and loud words together make her a great spokes person.


Meaning: (v.) to steal money by falsifying records

Sentence: Embezzling of funds result in legal action.


Meaning: (n.) sensitivity to another’s feelings as if they were one’s own

Sentence: Having empathy for someone is good, but losing your own happiness to someone is foolishness.


Meaning: (n.) ill will, hatred, hostility

Sentence: Enmity between the two managers is quite evident.


Meaning: (adj.) learned

Sentence: It is dazzlingly and sometimes obscurely erudite yet with a clear and coherent argument that challenges our current commonsense views about communication.


Meaning: (v.) to praise, revere

Sentence: To extol someone for her virtues is not going to take away your own strengths.


Meaning: (v.) to make up, invent

Sentence: Every time he takes a leave, he fabricates such amazing stories that no one is able to question him.


Meaning: (adj.) wild, savage

Sentence: Feral past of that princess was something that no one expected to hear about.


Meaning: (adj.) astounded

Sentence: I was flabbergasted by the views that he expressed in front of that huge crowd.


Meaning: (v.) to give up, renounce

Sentence: Forsake your vindictive nature, and try to be more loving.


Meaning: (adj.) troublesome or irritable

Sentence: Fractiousness and irritability are no virtues!


Meaning: (adj.) secretive, sly

Sentence:  Furtive acts add complexities to life, with a perennial danger lurking.


Meaning: (n.) overindulgence in food or drink

Sentence: You gluttony is making it difficult for others to live with you.


Meaning: (adj.) uncalled for, unwarranted

Sentence: Your reaction was gratuitous in the situation.  You could have withheld your anger.


Meaning: (adj.) disdainfully proud

Sentence: She is haughty and rich, so people often chose to keep at bay from her.


(n.) pretending to believe what one does not

Sentence: Hypocrisies are deep rooted in several cultures. They will behave in a manner and will never own their acts.


Meaning: (adj.) exemplary, flawless

Sentence: Her impeccable culinary art makes it difficult for people to refuse an invitation to her home.


Meaning: (adj.) rude, insolent

Sentence: His impertinent remark lead to long days of fight and sleepless nights.


Meaning: (adj.) incapable of being appeased or mitigated

Sentence: Her behavior caused an emotional harm to him, and he became absolutely implacable. It is difficult to make him even listen to her side of story.


Meaning: (adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent
Sentence: The impudent young woman looked her teacher up and down and told him he was hot.


Meaning: (adj.) clear, sharp, direct

Sentence: When you are in a position of making judgments, you have to be incisive with your commandments.


Meaning: (adj.) lazy

Sentence: Your indolence can make you lose your job. Only active and vigilant people are successful.


Meaning: (adj.) not suitable or capable, unqualified

Sentence: Your inept answers give the impression of your being dumb and mindless. .


Meaning: n.) notoriety, extreme ill repute

Sentence: The infamy of his crime will not lessen with the passing of time, and it will live as a bruise in hearts of people.


Meaning: (v.) to prevent, restrain, stop

Sentence: It is important to inhibit the wrongdoings of people, who think that it is their right to bully the weaker people.


Meaning: (adj.) inborn, native, inherent

Sentence: Talent to paint was innate in her, as her mother used to draw amazing canvases.


Meaning: (adj.) incapable of being satisfied

Sentence: Her insatiable desires made it difficult for her to live a settled life.


Meaning: (adj.) separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off

Sentence: Today you cannot live insular with your own ideas and faiths.


Meaning: (adj.) brave in the face of danger

Sentence: Intrepid man attacked three eve teasers all alone and knocked them off their feet.


Meaning: (adj.) stubbornly established by habit

Sentence: It is his inveterate habit of lying in bed, lazing and delaying his work till time unexpected.

All these words are famous choices of MBA exam paper setters. Prepare these words, to brighten your chances of hitting right answers for the words you are going to face in exam.







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