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The MBA – Master of Business Administration – is one of the most coveted post-graduate qualifications across the world. Graduates of all types – engineers, science, arts, commerce, doctors – aspire to this qualification. The reason is clear – an MBA is the most widely recognized and respected qualification in management and business, and a launching pad to a successful career. It is never too late to get an MBA – some choose to do it immediately after graduation, some work for a few years and then go back to school.

In India the most sought after institutes have their own independent admission processes. But still they all follow a 2-stage process: –

Stage 1: Written admission test. Multiple-choice tests in maths, verbal, reading, logic & business awareness, conducted in centers across India.

Stage 2: Personality Assessment Those who qualify through Stage 1 normally go through two stages of personality assessment: Group Discussion: Your performance in a group, while discussing a topic of current importance, is evaluated by a panel of judges. Personal Interview: You will be interviewed by a panel of specialists. Read more about the interview process.

For MBA from US & Europe The basic qualifying exam to do an MBA outside India (US, Europe, Australasia) is the GMAT (Graduate Management Aptitude Test) conducted in centers across India. After you get your GMAT results, you need to apply for admission to specific institutes. There is normally no GD or Personal Interview process (like in India) – however, different institutes have different processes and criteria for admitting students.






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