6 Simple tips to Save money while at College

College life is one of the most memorable times in anyone’s life. That’s the time when everything is to be experienced while grasping the concept of success once the student graduates from college. Unfortunately, even with all the fun we have in college will never compensate the struggle that we will have to face once college ends. Most of us have to rely on college loan to go through college. Even when the interest rate is not that much, the principal amount is still too big that even a single percent will mean thousands of dollars in added payment.

As much as we have to save money for our college fund, it is also important to save money while we are in courage. We still have to end up with a college loan to get us through our college days but in our end, the more savings that we have, the easier it would be for us to pay that lingering college debt once we’re done in school.

Like most saving schemes or personal plan, it is always essential to rely and even believe that small things could do wonders in our life. Every little savings that we do in college will eventually resonate in our daily lives and ultimately in our daily spending which will help us lessen our college debt.

So here are some simple but really useful tips in saving money while in college:

Books – there are three stages in getting a book without buying a very expensive brand new book; first is to go to the public library and look for the book you have to use. Renting it for the semester will cost you less than $20.00 so it’s a fair bargain compared to getting a brand new book. If you can’t find one, buy something used online but preferably in the same school. The last resort is to rent one which is a growing trend in most universities.Renting Books

Food – as much as possible, buy in bulk. Purchasing one by one from the vending machine will cost you more. But be careful what you have to buy in bulk since you might end up buying something that you really don’t use everyday. Instead of saving, you’ll be spending more than what you should.Buying Food in Bulk

Clothing – Girls I’m sorry but this time, Simplicity is more gracious than dressing up Elegantly. After all, you’re there to learn and not find your soul mate. But that doesn’t mean you look really dragging or something. You just have to explore more online and in the local thrift shop for better clothes at a lower price.Clothes Nothing to Wear

Credit Cards – college students are among the favorite customers of credit card companies since they are a bit unscrupulous in their spending. Don’t let them have the luxury of tallying your debt and increasing your credit limit all the time. Always prefer cash and use only your credit card when you have absolutely no choice or during emergencies.Avoid Credit Cards

Photocopying – if you are very comfortable with your laptop or computer, it’s time to use them as a book. Instead of paying for the photocopied materials, scan it and e-mail them to yourself or save them in a flash drive. You can read them in your computer or laptop and save money in the photocopying expenses.copy-of-a-copy

Get a piggy bank – or something like that. Collect all your coins at the end of the day and save them in a piggy bank. The way college students spend their cash is more than enough that they will always have coins and small bills with them. You can easily have a good amount of money for daily expenses when you keep them in your small coin bank.piggy bank






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