Freelance Career For Fresh Graduates: 3 Things You must Consider

Unemployment rates across the world are rising, in this scenario one of the possible options for fresh graduates is to go freelance. In a freelance world, you do not have any boss – you will not be required to wear any uniform (or anything for that matter), you have a schedule fully customizable and you get to work at the comforts of your home if you want to.

All of these are enjoyed with a relatively satisfying salary. While some treats this as a part-time job, a fresh graduate could make this a full-time gig.  But just like most industries, being a freelance is difficult during recession. The good news is that freelance is still a better option for some companies.

For example, instead of hiring a full-time website developer which requires full benefits and consistent salary, they can just talk a web developer, demand a deadline and monitor the progress for a quality work.

After the project is done, the relationship ends. It is certainly better financially and in terms of quality since you can always ask for more or a lot better as long as you provide the right payment.

If you are considering becoming a freelance professional, here are the three things you should consider: a niche, multiple streams of income and character.

Considering a Niche

Everyone is special in something and that something could help you earn as a freelance. There are thousands maybe millions of freelance professionals today and they are expert in something. A niche is something different about you – something that could be immediately identified as your ability.

This expertise is rarely seen in other freelancers. This should be your focus. Think of something different that you could be an expert on. It does not even matter if it is relevant for now. Give it time and soon you’ll find a client and start a client base.

Multiple Streams of Income

One of the many reasons why many freelancers are having trouble dealing with this simple yet challenging career is that they base their work on a single stream of income. A freelancer should never do this.

Remember that you can have a job right now but could be completely out the next day. For that reason, you need to have different sources of income. For example, you could be a freelance web developer while writing tips on web development online.

Time Management

The most challenging part on being a freelance is on how to build clients. But the secret in gathering clients is all about character. You need to show to your clients who you are and how you can do a project. Everyone values deadline and if you are consistent in this field, you will surely have happy and returning clients.

It is always important that you value time above everything else since you cannot control your time easily. You can easily procrastinate in this career and end up losing a lot of clients.

If you are considering freelance work, take note of the things above. It’s simple to understand, difficult to execute but could lead to financial stability even at the comforts of your home.






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