Resigning Gracefully

There comes a time where we find ourselves frustrated or bored with the company that we are working for. We start to become unproductive, lazy and eventually we look for reasons why we don’t want to do that particular task. Before they start noticing, give yourself and your company a favor: resign from your position and consider another career or company. There are also employees that have opted to resign since they felt cheated and don’t see any future with the company even with the dedication they give to their work. They just opted to walk away from the company and find a better corporation that gives a better chance of improvement.

But whatever reason that you have for resigning, you have to resign with dignity and gracefully. We owe it not only to ourselves so that we could still be respected even after the business ties are cut off but we also owe it to the company that we work for since they have provided us the opportunity to earn and experience work. The experience and tricks of the trade we learned from our soon to be former-employer will be added skills and increase our chances to be hired.

Every company has a policy for resignation. To resign gracefully follow their procedures and policy for resignation. Most of the time, companies need their employees to submit their letter for resignation at least two weeks or even one month. There are also added procedures such as exit interview, return of company supplies and deactivation of some communication features such as e-mail and phone extension. The time frame recommended by the company are used to clear those things so that when you leave, you don’t even have to go back there to clear some things up.

While you’re slowly cutting off your relationship with the company, it’s also time to consult the HR and the financing department with your final pay. You have to be really clear about them on when you’ll receive your final pay, the calculation and how much you are going to receive as your final pay.

Most of the time the company requires their workers to undergo an exit-interview before they finally leave the company. This is either done by the HR or even the manager just to know your opinion on things. In this procedure, do not badmouth your co-workers and upper management. You have to keep your reputation with the company. The company might not recommend you to another company.

While in the process of resignation, remember that you are still an employee of the company. During this time of resignation you still should work as an employee and be productive. This is also the time to strengthen your relationship with your co-workers and even the upper management.

Resignation is just a part of your quest to be successful in a particular career. What ever reason it might be, always leave your company with a good impression about you. This will become a solid foundation for you as your previous employers will highly recommend you for the position you are applying for.

How many of you had to resign and join new job .. How did you behave in your old job ..?






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