Cold calling is often associated with telemarketing. It’s the art of calling people who you do not know and offering them products and services. It has been bread and butter for some people while it is constantly being loathed by people receiving the phone call since they are just too pesky and intrusive.

Although that sounds really bad in the telemarketing industry, cold calling for a job is actually a smart alternative in looking for a job. Most of the time, our dream job or the companies that we really wanted to work for don’t post any opening.

But don’t let that stop you from getting in touch with them. Using the cold calling techniques, you should be able to open up your chances in getting hired even when there is no job opening.

You just don’t target a single company for cold calling. In the telemarketing business, the list is everything. If you don’t have a good amount of list, you’re decreasing your chances to succeed. Be sure to write ALL the companies that you wanted to work with. In this list, all you need is the name of the company and the phone number.

After you’ve compiled your list, it’s time to get to the cold calling part. The goal for calling the company is not to get hired on the first call but to get a name of the hiring manager. Take note that you want to talk to this specific person and not the HR manager. HR managers wouldn’t do a thing for you and will just refer you to the hiring manager. If you can go ahead and ask for the e-mail; that would even be better.

Once you get the names of the hiring manager, it’s time to introduce yourself through your letter and resume. Don’t just send them any general cover letter where you fill out the blanks, rather write to each hiring manager with a different letter. That’s a little bit challenging but if you really wanted to get hired by your preferred company; be ready to go an extra mile.

After sending them the letter or if you have the chance to send them an e-mail, you should call back to follow up your resume. This time, you will not be talking to the receptionist only but to the hiring manager. This part is extremely important since you are there basically for an interview. Politely introduce yourself and ask about the status of the resume. Be sure to charm and be prepared for anything.

There is always the possibility of being rejected. Of course, since you’re applying to a company that doesn’t have any opening. But don’t let this effort come to a dead end. Since you area already there with the hiring manager, ask him or her if there are companies that he or she could recommend.

Cold calling could just be your channel to get the dream job that you want. Be aggressive in a good way and you’ll find yourself being interviewed for a job in no time.