Our resume tells a lot about ourselves. From the basic information that are related to work such as skills and experience to the more personal information such as date of birth and age, everything will be known by the employer with a single glance of our resume. Most of the time our resume ends up with a legitimate company who will evaluate us for the available jobs but there are possibilities that your resume will end up with thieves – identity thieves to be specific.

This situation is also possible when you contact a resume writing services online. Before your job, your privacy should be your primary focus. It’s really easy to get a good job but it’s very difficult to fix the effects of a stolen identity.

Before you submit your resume or fill out their online form, look for the privacy statement of the website. Legitimate websites will explicitly show their privacy policy or at least provide a link about their privacy policy. Look for their statement regarding your resume and your username and password. These websites should stipulate how long they will keep your website in your database as well as your username and password. Stay away from websites who doesn’t provide privacy policy as they will never be held accountable if anything happens to your website.

That is why it is important to scrutinize every job hunting website. There are hundreds of online websites that specialize in a certain industry but not all of them provide the legal support especially on the privacy of your resume. Although they may not purposely steal your information, you will never be protected because they can just be hacked anytime without fear of the law.

In your resume, it is also smart to hold particular information which you think could be used by identity thieves. Information such as your SSN and DOB (date of birth) should only be given to trusted websites. When your SSN and DOB will fall into the wrong hands, you’re in big trouble. Your name won’t even matter if you give it or not. Also think twice of citing references. Make sure you get their permission before you give out their names. These names could be extracted and used for spamming purposes.

Online resume writing services also poses great privacy security risk if you’re not careful. Since you’re giving away so much information, it’s better to have their security policy not only online but also in writing. This is applicable when you’re dealing with an online and offline resume writing services. Also look for the same statement such as storage time for your resume and your user log in and passwords. A written statement will ensure that your resume is safe. Besides, a legitimate company will never hesitate in providing you with their written statement if they have nothing to hide.

Lastly, here’s a trick: instead of using your personal e-mail, create an e-mail account that’s solely dedicated for job hunting. This e-mail will get you organized with regards to the companies you are applying for. But more importantly, a temporary e-mail will protect your personal e-mail from being hacked by identity thieves.