CAT Entrance Exam

Personality Development and CAT

CAT is the route to being a manager and the only way to do that is to think and act like a manager from now itself. Success in CAT is reward for displaying managerial potential in the test. Thus it is a test of one’s Aptitude for the right Attitude.

Therefore, if you are serious about cracking the CAT, take the following managerial steps right away:

  • Learn to be a good decision maker. Do not dilly-dally and procrastinate.
  • Manage your time well.
  • Communicate efficiently.
  • Manage your stress well. Meditate regularly, to build your self-confidence and inculcate greater discipline in your life and CAT preparation.
  • Adopt a holistic approach. Analyse relationships and issues from all angles. This is relevant to gaining admission into a B-School because the selection process is holistic. Therefore, while it is important to have a proper plan for CAT, it is equally important to plan for the group discussion and personal interview rounds.
  • Work on your attitude
  • Build the ability to unlearn, for the approach to CAT has to be radically different from approaching school and college examinations
  • Strengthen yourself emotionally, for in a tight situation during the test, you cannot afford to get stuck on a particular problem. You have to move on as in an effort to score a point; you’ll end up losing points. Managers need to move on and redirect their energies if they are unable to find a solution to a problem within the specified timeframe.
  • Become more flexible in your habits, for CAT does not reward rigidity. Managers have to be flexible to be effective
  • Change habits. If you are used to reading Bombay Times first thing in the morning, start reading the main section first. If you are generally an impatient person, learn to build patience.
  • Inculcate discipline. CAT requires a focused and methodical approach.
  • Build self-belief. If necessary, do not hesitate to undergo a training program on communication skills and personality development. This will help you approach the CAT with a greater positive attitude.

Thus, the difference quite often between students who make it and those who do not is not so much academic brilliance, but their ability to bring themselves to adapt to the needs of CAT. The question is not who can do it, but who all want to do it? So make adaptability your new Mantra For Success.







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