Where is Your Focus?

 Are you celebrating the change or feeling worried and anxious about your future? I have been interacting with many youngsters and have received mixed responses. Some are feeling a kind of release from undue pressures to perform, while some are feeling more pressurized as they wonder about their social, professional and personal future. Some are wondering if there is any point in pursuing a management program if there are no jobs even after attaining an MBA degree. Which side are you on? Please remember, now more than ever, ‘whatever you focus upon grows in your lives.’

Let us try and place all the recession related anxiety and resultant woes in proper perspective.

I have nothing against media. In fact, it plays a major role in our lives. But it also tends to bring an overdose of negativity into our lives. Listening to some doomsday stories, even the most courageous amongst us become fearful of future. So may I request you to minimize your news viewing to the bare essentials? Instead, read stories of entrepreneurs who didn’t go looking for a job, or chucked their high paying jobs in order to follow their heart. Perhaps it is your time to do that. An MBA degree will come handy in equipping you with the right tools for entrepreneurship. Each one of you will not only employ yourselves, but many others. Does recession stand a chance in face of such determined individuals?

Do not react or defend your stand. Take a good look at reality. Weigh your options and just follow your heart. There are many positive, wonderful, and loving things out there that you can put your focus upon. Now is the time to ask yourself, as well as all other significant people in your life, ‘What can I do for you?’ Some of what you undertake now may open new avenues for you. You never know! After all you didn’t even know about recession just four months ago, or did you?

Take into account all the wonderful natural talents and innate gifts that you possess. Don’t say you have none. Each one of us is blessed with our unique talents. This is the time to polish them and encash them. Yes, you can do it! You will not only survive; you will flourish, during the recession and far beyond it. Have faith in your self, now more than ever! Focus on the results that you desire and take appropriate, inspired actions to move forward.

Some of you have more free time now. How are you using it? Are you investing it in upgrading your most precious holding – yourself? Are you focusing more on your creative talents? Use this time to cultivate new skills. How about developing your intuition? A very important tool in these times!!! An investment in yourself is the best investment in these times of stock market crashes. Ask yourself, ‘What can I do to develop my natural talents in order to use them to make money, help myself and help others?’ The answer will come. It has to.

Investing in yourself will also reduce your anxiety levels. You will stop talking about good times and bad times. All times are ‘opportunity’ times for you. Just because everyone around you is anxious doesn’t mean you need to follow their example. Reduced anxiety will help you stay focused on your long term goals. Show yourself in a new and different way; soon others will also notice your resolve, strength, and happiness. You can do nothing about the outward panic but you can surely calm the panic inside you.

This is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff. Keep company with people who harbor positive thoughts and positive outlook. Such people will inspire, encourage and support you. Let the birds of a feather flock together and fly out to achieve their dreams.

Take time each day to enjoy yourself. Remember joy begets joy, while sorrow begets sorrow! Look for small things in your daily routine that can make you happy. Celebrate each little thing and enjoy each step forward. This is a sure-shot formula to win over these recessionary times.

This is also the time to put your ego aside and ask for help. This help could be in the form of an advice, support, or suggestion. Welcome all help. Ask for it and receive it.

Always remember what Eleanor Roosevelt said: “One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes. In the long run, we shape our lives and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And, the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”







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