BW Guide to The Best Business Schools

The Businessweek guide to the best business schools, while not the Montauk book, this resource convinced me that I could be competitive at some of the top schools. It is not focused on being a book to help you prepare your application but instead gives you an insider’s look at 50 U.S. programs and 10 International programs. However, the first two chapters do have some ideas as to how to build your application.

My favorite part about this book is its organization. For each of the schools listed, the author gives:

1. Statistics (Avg GMAT, Enrollment, Demographics, Tuition, Budget, Starting Pay, and Rankings)
2. Overview (thorough and candid)
3. Placement Details
4. Top Hires
5. Outstanding Faculty
6. Applicant Tips
7. Student Sound Off

This organization allowed me to read about the differentiating qualities of each program and helped me narrow down my target list. It can help you figure out where you might present a strong application and begin helping you understand “fit”. You might think that term is silly, but once you attend campus or the Welcome events after admission, you will appreciate it.

The book is a great buy and was priced at $16.95 when I purchased it. Definitely buy this book if you don’t have the time or resources to visit all your target schools but want to get another perspective on the flavor of particular programs. Once you’ve used it to help determine where you’ll apply, use the Applicant Tips sections to give you an idea how to begin your application. It was also helpful for me to read all my essays for a particular school, then read the school’s section in this book to check if my stories had the right feel.







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