5 Tips to furthering your career as a Model

The following points must always be kept in mind by an aspiring model:

1. A modelling agency is the nerve center of this business. The atmosphere there is charged. Phones keep ringing and enquiries from established models, new clients, current clients, make-up artists, hair dressers, photographers, out-of-town modelling agencies, parents and friends keep being answered all the time. It is therefore best to go personally after a prior appointment of course and meet the agency heads personally.

2. If patience is not your trait then do cultivate it. Do not expect miracles to happen. It takes time to find a suitable client. One trip cannot get you an assignment. At the same time do not over do the exercise of “just dropped by”.

3. Since the waiting period is trying, give yourself a routine and keep yourself busy. Don’t let disappointment set in, no matter how long it takes.

4. Keep reminding yourself that in modelling confidence matters the most. Do things that boost your confidence.

5. Your professionalism starts even before you join the profession. Over a period of time some prospective clients or agency people may become your friends. This should not let you loose your seriousness or your focus. Your goal has to be clear and foremost always.






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