MBA Program … How can I make the transition from one field to another?

I’ve already taken my GMAT and I am in the process of applying to several universities for the MBA program. The question is how to transition from my field of IT present in which I am bored out of my mind and enter the field of finance / accounting. Obviously I would have educational backgrounds to make that transition. It is my only option for crossing the goal of the MBA program and then make the jump after 2-3 years?

First you must decide whether it is finance and accounting professionals that want to do. Not quite the same. Accounting takes a completely different set of courses, credentials, and departs in his own world. Finance is the Similarly, and becomes more specialized (ie, corporate finance, derivatives and options / investments, quant-end modeling, etc.). Most people who do not possess a bachelor’s degree in the area will double or joint major with a master’s in these areas because an MBA is often not given sufficient training specialized enough business to make the transition. MBA is mostly about general management skills, which works best to continue on the track than in the today. Master will give you the option of taking a huge dose of courses to prepare for a specialized track. In conjunction with specialization can reduce the time and money for having some of the burden shared credit.







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