Take a Break – Percolate!

Your next task is to “Take a Break and Percolate! That’s exactly what you need. After all that brainstorming and thinking you need to let your mind to recover and relax.

What does percolate mean? It means: “To drain or seep through a porous material or filter” or “To pass or ooze through”. In our context we want our ideas to settle and sink deeper into our consciousness. We want your business ideas to become a part of you – by letting the ideas percolate in your head in your subconscious mind while you consciously take a break.

Why do you need to take a break and percolate? Because its hard work taking your ideas and forming it into a realistic goal. You have been challenged through a gauntlet of fears and hopes as well as excitement and anxieties. Now its simply time to take a breath of fresh air and smell the flowers


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