The Importance of Why

Asking the “why?” question in an important step in your business development. You will continuously be bombarded by people cutting you down and challenging your dreams. That is why it is important that you need to understand your own personal underlying reason you want to start your business. The answer to the “why” question will be your driving force and strong foundation to propel you forward.

The majority of people are naturally pessimistic about new ideas and change. People will give you the reasons why your idea is bad, why it won’t work and why you shouldn’t do it. Don’t shut down their criticisms. It’s time to listen. Learn to listen to their ranting to avoid getting frustrated and depressed – listen to their ideas and critiques and list them into your important notebook. These pessimistic ideas are important as it gives you an insight or a different perspective to examine your business idea. So instead of normally engaging in a heated argument or exchange about why your business will succeed, simply listen and note down their points. A side benefit of this is that the other person will start to understand your position and through time they will feel as if they are a part of your long-term business success!


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