Your Personal Purpose

As you can see, if you have followed the steps of planning your business, it isn’t always about getting down to business. The goal is to succeed in the long-term, and we all know that most businesses go belly up in the first years. This due diligence allows us to explore our underlying drive which will carry you the hard yards to succeed in your business. So this is the next step: that is to discover your personal purpose, your personal intentions.

This process of discovering your personal purpose is an extension of “the Importance of Why“. Why do you want to start your business? Why give this particular product or service? Why do you want to own your own business? What will you personally gain from launching your own business? If you said beforehand that the outcome to this project is to become rich, explain how, by becoming rich will help you, change you and benefit your lifestyle and overall life? Remember to write all these thoughts down in your notebook.

To further ingrain your personal purpose in setting up your own business, you are going to do two more things. First additional task is to invite a trusted friend for lunch so you can discuss your personal purpose with them. This person will act as your sounding board and they will have the ability to remind you why you started the business when times are tough. Now, write your personal intent again in your notebook, but this time rewrite it in a very clear and concise way in one or two sentences. For example some purposes would be: “To help others discover the world” (Travel agency) “To share my experiences with others so they don’t need to make the same mistakes I have” (Writer) “To work in the great outdoors” (Anyone who doesn’t want to work in an office)


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