Your External Purpose

Your external purpose is opposite to our previous task of looking into your personal intentions in this business that you will start (or have already started). In this exercise you will be asking yourself what your product or service would allow your clients and consumers to do. Remember to write your ideas, then commit yourself by discussing this with your trusted friend(s). Then rewrite your intention into a clear concise sentence or two – this process exactly mirrors the previous step.

When you are looking at your external purpose, you are looking at how your business will help people. Are you a comedian? Then your external purpose is to have people laugh and enjoy themselves. You are a state changer. Do you want to make educational toys for kids? Then you want to enable parents to chose an educational toy and help the kids learn about their environment and exercise their skills. Are you starting a pest control business? Then your business is to help people have the peace of mind that their homes and businesses are pest free.


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